Think As Big As Possible

When I decided to start my business, the last thing on my mind was creating a business plan. Honestly, the first thing I thought of was all the great things I wanted my business to accomplish, all the people my business would help and how awesome it would be to finally be in control of […]

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No Brakes Needed!

There will be no brakes in 2017.  I intend to go full throttle.  Number one lesson learned in 2016 was WORK HARDER ON BUILDING YOUR OWN DREAM than building someone else’s!! When you put things into perspective, winning in life and being successful really depends on how bad you want it. In life, sometimes you […]

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Uncomplicate Yourself

Now exactly how in the heck are you supposed to uncomplicate yourself with all the stuff you have going on? I mean just think about it ALL the stuff you have to do for your husband/wife, kids, work, business, church, school, community, world government, and the universe. All of which you’re solely responsible for! I […]

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Sometimes Isolation Is Necessary!

Fear of isolation is real and we all suffer from some consequence while attempting to avoid isolation from something we love, admire or desire. Some people fear isolation from friends, family, society, employment or money but no matter the fear it causes people to behave desperately to preserve attachments. Entrepreneurs tend to be isolated pretty […]

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